Speedporter die innovative Elektro Boden Bahn von RBS

the innnovative Electro Monorail System - fast, safe, flexible

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Description: EMS System - SpeedPorter®

RBS, EMS Vehicle System SpeedPorter®

The vehicle system SpeedPorter® developed by RBS combines state-of-the art drive technology with a high conveying efficiency and a quiet operation.

Induction lines supply energy to the individual vehicles and avoid wear and abrasion. Vehicle communication is contactless with slotted hollow conductors, a reliable and disturbance-insensitive transmission medium.

Control and communication are implemented by the RBS developed Vehicle Coordination System (VHS). This systems is the link between the superordinated storage management system and the individual vehicles. The VCS software includes the visualization on a touchscreen and informs the operators about all system conditions.

To ensure a high conveying efficiency and a smooth operation, the lines are equipped with distribution gates. With a changeover time of only 2 seconds, the newly RBS developed distribution gate allows, even with a 1:1 distribution, a reliable performance of up to 45 vehicles per hour.

The robust SpeedPorter®-vehicles have four individually separately rotating gears. Thanks to PU-coated rollers, the noise is very low even with a speed of 2.0 m/s. Two frequency-controlled motors directly act on the drive wheels. This guarantees high acceleration values and ensures the additional feature that, in the case of a failure of a motor, the vehicle can move safely and independently into the maintenance area.

To optimize the line load, the vehicles are constantly in contact with each other. As a result, the speeds are autonomously adjusted to the requirements and the distribution gates are changed over to the correct direction in due time. Due to the high positioning accuracy, the vehicles can be moved with small distances to the infeed and discharge points.

Picture gallery

RBS SpeedPorter® 20 RBS SpeedPorter® 21 RBS SpeedPorter® 24 RBS SpeedPorter® 23
RBS SpeedPorter® 22 RBS SpeedPorter® 1 RBS SpeedPorter® 2 RBS SpeedPorter® 3
RBS SpeedPorter® 4 RBS SpeedPorter® 5 RBS SpeedPorter® 6 RBS SpeedPorter® 7
RBS SpeedPorter® 8 RBS SpeedPorter® 9 RBS SpeedPorter® 10 RBS SpeedPorter® 11
RBS SpeedPorter® 25

Technical data

  • Speed up to 2,5 m/s 
  • Acceleration 0,7 m/s² 
  • Transfer speed 0,5 m/s 
  • Actual load max. 1500 kg 
  • Inductive current transmission 
  • Contactless data exchange
  • Performance of 450 pallets per hour
  • Short gate changeover times
  • Fast vehicle change
  • Very low noise


RBS Fördeanlagenbau GmbH: EMS-Vehicle System: SpeedPorter®

Brochure: RBS Speedporter®
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" Schnell, zuverlässig und flexibel "
Published on "Industriezeitschrift.de
Der Informationsdienst für die deutsche Industrie"

" Paletten per EBB-System transportieren "
Published on "MM Logistik - Dem Fachportal für Logistik-Entscheider"

" Transportleistungen von bis zu 450 Paletten pro Stunde bei gleichzeitig leisem Lauf "
Published on "foerdern-und-heben.de"

" Speedporter von RBS: Transportleistungen von bis zu 450 Paletten pro Stunde "
Published on "derbetriebsleiter.de"

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